We provide a wide variety of services. If you need a service that is not listed, please contact us.

• Project Supervision 

• Basic IT Support 

• After Hours Cleaning 

• HVAC Service 

• Plumbing 

• Change Lightbulbs 

• Replace Ceiling Tiles 

• Cubicle or Desk Reconfigurations

• Move Office Furniture

We understand that the appearance of your office space is a representation of your company, and that customers and clients see your facilities as an extension of how you operate your business. We take immense pride in our work, and we want to assist you and your business by ensuring your facilities are in excellent condition. We can handle many typical needs, such as moving office furniture and cubicle modifications. Our staff has experience with multiple types of cubicles and can do anything from removing a wall and adding a set of drawers to a complete teardown and build-out. We can also provide service to your heating and cooling system, complete plumbing repairs, and provide IT support for basic office technology issues. There is really nothing that we can’t or won’t do to help you and your business. If you have a large-scale project that feels too big or too time consuming to tackle, contact us and one of our project managers will guide the project from start to finish. We will work to provide you with the assurance that WPGI is representing our clients’ best interests. The services we offer could save your business a great deal by having someone on your side who knows what’s going on and how to handle projects in the most cost effective and time saving manner so that you or your office manager can spend more time focusing on growing your business and serving your customers and clients. Contact WPGI today to discuss how we can be of service to you!